Out Back
Wednesday — March 16th, 2011

Out Back

Howdy! I know, it’s been a long time and this isn’t even Cass and the gang, but I felt so good finishing a comic after all this time that I had to post it before getting going on new PD strips. I’m not totally happy with the ending (as many of my regular readers know, that’s a constant issue of mine), and I tried to shade it in greys but it didn’t look right. But I finished a comic! See you again soon (I hope)!


Thanks, Calgary, Alberta!

Even with everything going on, it’s still nice to see new people stop by and spend some quality time with prematurely disappointed. A big shout-out to the fan from Calgary for stopping by 8/19 and spending over 6 hours reading the archives. New strips are on the way and hopefully you’ll come back and check them out. Send me an email and I’ll send you a signed print of your favorite strip!

7/26 W.G.O.

Spent all weekend going home to visit my father in hospice. By the time I left Sunday night he looked like he could pass at any moment. The nurses warned us he wouldn’t last the weekend but as of 1am Monday he’s still holding on. It’s stupid to say it’s been rough, but there really aren’t words to describe what you go through. My dad is the first person close to me to be dying and no matter what friends, TV or movies prepare you for, there’s nothing easy about it. I’ve told him and myself that it’s okay if he goes and that I’m not going to say “good-bye” but “see you later”, but as soon as I drove off I wanted to turn around and run in the room screaming a mixture of love you/miss you/good bye, all the things I don’t feel have to be said at this time (and I’m not sure he’d hear).

Otherwise, my new job it going okay. Having other people to interact with (which I really haven’t had much of in the last two years) has really jump-started my being a smart-ass and, therefore, my gag writing, but the rest of my life is still getting in the way. Even my son’s baseball schedule, which thankfully was finished last week, got extended another week because of the final night rain-out. If so many lifestyle comics weren’t already running on life getting in the way, that would be a good idea for a comic. So just to keep y’all in the loop, I’m really itching to start running “pd” and “Out Back” concurrently, each once a week. I remember back to the vote where the reigning opinion was to see a glimpse of all the various comic strip ideas I was putzing with for a contest, but I’ve really dug deep into “Out Back” and I believe I’m just going to go at it (and PD) for now. I’ll continue to shelve ideas for the others for when another contest arises.

So y’all take care of yourselves and I’ll be reporting again soon. God bless.

7/12 – W.G.O.

That’s short for “What’s Going On”, an often-used title for my non-comic updates. As for what’s actually going on, it was a rough weekend for my father. A few weeks ago we were told he had 6-12 months to live with kidney cancer. Then he got pretty healthy around July 4th and was a week’s worth of physical therapy away from going home. But then for the last few days he took a down turn and after going back to the hospital and they shortened his time left to weeks instead of months, basically he could go at any time. So that sucks harder than…let’s just say it sucks hard. I had a job interview today and got the job so that starts tomorrow (it’s temp-to-hire which explains the quick turnaround). Hopefully some semblance of a normal “adult” life will help me re-center myself and be able to produce more comics, even though I’ll have less free hours in the day. So sorry for the lack of progress but life’s getting in the way a little bit. I’m really having fun playing with “Out Back” and it’s making me miss PD a lot which I needed. So the drive is back, just not the time right now. But as I said before, no planned hiatus. I’ll just get to the comics when I can and once again thank y’all for sticking around.

5/24 – Case of the Mondays

Guess it’s really too early to have one of those yet, but I feel it coming on. It’s going to be another busy week but I’ll try to keep anyone interested informed. Hoping for a new strip tomorrow and ???

I’ve read about a new comic strip idol-esque contest I think I should enter and I’ll be asking for your opinions before I get going. I’m not sure if I should (or can) enter PD or if I should go with one of my other strip ideas. I’ll try to write up a brief description and get a vote. There’s not too much time left.

5/12 – What’s goin’ on?

So, so much actually. Somehow I became completely laid-off (not just the 60% laid off that I’ve been for the past year) and more busy. So sorry for the delayed weekly update (y’all forgot I said twice a week a month or so back, right?) but it’s been a weird couple of weeks. I’m actually more interested in upcoming strips than I’ve been in a while, just unable to consistently make the time. But Friday will have a new strip.

Otherwise, I’ve been working on more character designs for my other strip ideas, trying to nail down the script for the ZUDA Comics submission I’ve been talking about for a year, and running all over for my son’s afterschool activities. Don’t know what I’m going to do when the other kid starts getting into things. Plus I’m seeing guidance counselors at 2 local schools about returning to school, going through a job search, and getting more deeply involved at my church.

Anyone seen my Spygal pinups at Superfogeys? They’re on a prior post below or check out Brock’s site with the link on the side. See you Friday!

5/6 – Spygal submission

Just so y’all didn’t think I was sitting around NOT drawing stuff, I entered a few pin-ups in the contest to draw a background story for Spygal from Brock Heasley’s “Superfogeys”. Not sure if I have much of a shot, but it was fun to do something a little different. It’s nothing you guys could vote for me for, but thought you might like to see them (that’s right, I entered twice!). The first one is in a Bruce Timm-Batman animated style and the second is in a Joe Madureira-mangaish style.  I think her head’s too big in the second one, but whatever.



4/30 – Computer problem update

Well, I got the beast back and it’s working pretty well. When the guy said it would work as good as the day I bought it, I didn’t realize that’s because it wouldn’t have any of my programs installed. Or hardware. Or some chipsets, whatever the hell those are. So I’ve been installing all sorts of crap, just to have it almost as good as the day it crashed. Needless to say, no new comic AGAIN. But come Monday, hoo-boy, there…might be…something….new? No, definitely something new. Even though the wife’s got the whole weekend planned with chores and other such rubbish. We’ll see.

Anyone got a 3G or Smartphone? I’m looking to upgrade but can’t decide. They all seem to have a lot of faults. I did putz around with various phones and looked at this website. It’s so little and cute! (That’s what she said! (sorry, just watched “The Office”)) *that’s right, double parentheses, bitches!* I left it on every phone in the place (that they’d let me touch).

Victoria’s Secrets commercial for “The Nakeds” may be the best commercial ever. Talk amongst yourselves.

Smite Button

Someone hit it on my computer and it was bad. Corrupted my operating system, and I proceeded to make it worse while trying to fix it. Good news is that I lost no files or other data, bad news is it cost me $200 and I have to reload a bunch of programs and such. Still hoping for the next strip this week (the downtime allowed me to get it started).

4/12 – Update and Welcome, L.A. Reader!

Busy busy weekend, finally got the storm door installed (we bought it over a year ago), spent all Saturday preparing for Sunday church and had to reprogram the kids to go back to school on Monday. New comic tomorrow and Thursday, in fact, I believe that will be the new posting schedule just to add guidelines to the chaos that is my life. So come on back tomorrow and Thursday for the further adventures of Cass at the vet.

Someone from sunny L.A. stopped by Friday and perused the entire archives. Thanks for checking out my comic! I can only assume you found something you liked to go through the whole thing. Drop me a note at prematurely.disappointed@yahoo.com and I’ll send you a signed print if you’re interested! For those of you still waiting for yours, yeah, it’s coming…

4/9 Update

What a cruddy week. I’ve been trying, trying, TRYING to get the next strip done this week, but there’s just been so much going on that I couldn’t keep up with. I did get the design down for the vet who appears next, and the strip is pencilled, but I couldn’t finish it last night. So new strip Monday! Promise!