A few words of thanks

Thank you.

Guess that was only a couple of words. Anywho…

Every now and then when I’m feeling a little down on my lack of reaching fans, I get uplifted by some things my fellow creators have done for me, or by seeing someone take the time to read most of my comics.  Thanks to StatTracker for making these things known to me.  Today I had few such experiences, so:

Thank you, Worth Gowell, creator of “Small Wonder”, for putting “pd” in your list of comics you regularly read. I noticed a link I’ve never seen before coming from your site. And I always appreciate your Looney Tunes-esque artistic style.

Thank you, Lucas Turnbloom, creator of “Imagine This”, for the shout out (and permission) for using Dewey on Spence’s shirt today. The swapping of links lead to double my views so far today. Death to McSquiggles!


Thank you, fan from White Horse, Yukon Territory, Canada, for apparently viewing all of my archives yesterday after following a link from Irma’s strip “Imy”. I assume you must have liked it to go through that many pages. Drop me a comment and I’ll send you a print of your favorite!

This being the first such posting of thanks, I should probably include many more so they don’t feel left out, especially those from the beginning for their help and inspiration getting started: Super-Fans Teresa and Tom L., the aforementioned Imra and the ex-Panel Mammals, Wit, Jarrett, Jim, Scott and Worth, all of which are listed in my Recommended Reading sidebar (except Jarrett, cuz he’s taking too long to get his new comic “Some Day Hero” off the ground). Thanks everyone!