Change site look?

Whaddya think, folks? I have been considering changing the header to include the new look of Marisol, which would probably require another shot of Cassidy, as she’s the star and all. I also considered changing the header monthly with the seasons/holidays. And I thought about making the white background a light version of the purple or teal colors currently used in order to make the b&w comics stand out, but for the time being they’re being colored so that may be unnecessary.  Since this site is for you readers, I figured I’d check what you think. Mostly all I can easily putz with is header and colors. So if you have an opinion, let me know. If you want me to leave it alone, shove it up your–whoops, sorry, uh, let me know that too.


  1. Matt

    No Names? Like I said I think names by the characters would be great for new and old a like to see!! Just my thought

  2. gillybean1

    Sounds like an awesome idea! was wondering if we would ever see marisol again… ;)