Another round of “thanks”.

I’ve been keeping track of more visitors who take the time to view a majority of the archives and I’d like to give a shout out to fans in Kent, WA; Montreal Quebec Canada; Tempe, AZ; and New Haven, CT. Drop me a line if you’d like a signed print for your efforts. Teresa, I owe you one (or more) too!


  1. Matt

    Nice didn’t realize you went international…just think when you do your book signing you will have to travel to those towns ;) Have a good one…and thanks for keeping me entertained!

  2. Teresa

    Me?? YOU owe ME? Or is there another Teresa? ;)

    Do I get to pick or is it a mystery? HEHE

  3. Kala

    No props to the fans in Oshkosh, WI? Don’t forget the little people Mark….

  4. me!

    @T: Of course you can pick! I realized as a super fan that you might feel left out with all these “thank you” messages. If I ever put a book together or something you’re in the top five on the list.

    @Kala: Little people? Not you! I knew this might backfire. I figure my long-time fans would feel free to request anything of me (and I’d probably do it). I just thought it would be nice to reward those special people who discover the site and then take their precious time to sit down and read every strip in one sitting. You’ve been reading this almost as long as I have! Isn’t it weird that I only had 11 strips done when we started working together? Whatever you want is yours (within reason, read the fine print)!

  5. Teresa

    I’ll have to get back to you on this….


    Very cool comic,FAVD

  7. me!

    @rshelley1 – thank you very much! Are you one of the mystery fans listed in the post?