Other Stuff I Do
January 14th, 2009

Other Stuff I Do

Okay, so I missed another Wednesday. You’d think after the holidays one’s schedule would open up a bit, but no. But since IĀ feel you people deserve new contact thrice weekly, I’m gonna give you something anyways. That’s right, I’m a giver. One thing barely any of you know is that I do other stuff. No, really. Not on a regular basis or anything, ‘cept my “real” job, but other stuff still the same. And when I started this site, I also started another site that collects all of those other things that I sometimes do. Swear. And it’s called, toonsbyme.com, and for some reason I’ve never put a link here for it. There’s some sketch stuff and some other comic strip ideas and some panel work I’ve done in relatively recent years, like the Phil S. Tein panel above. Since you’re not busy reading “pd” today, why not check it out? You never know what you’re gonna get. Unless you read the preceding sentences, then I guess you know what to expect.


  1. gillybean1

    Hey, read all 34 episodes of toonsbyme really funny and im looking forward to seeing more!!

  2. Orcbuddy

    Went over and read all the “toonsbyme” cartoons. Funny stuff. Andrew Pranure is my favorite. The company picnic one is a hoot! I do, however, like the one posted here. Phil’s expression, or lack thereof, is hilarious. Especially when mixed with his desperate “glass-half-full” philosophy.

  3. me!

    Whoa – you guys are awesome. Or really bored, but awesome sounds much more positive and complimentary.

    toonsbyme has site has been up and running for over a year and I never thought anyone here would really care, but I’m glad you guys took the time. I am hoping to start submitting more “A Few Blisters” for publicaiton this year and draw up panels for the “Phil” one-liners I’ve jotted down. I’ll keep you posted when I do! Thanks again!

  4. Wit

    Very cool stuff! Me likey.