September 30th, 2009


Howdy folks!

Right away, for anyone worried, Cass and the gang haven’t been replaced. For those of you hoping for that, go f**k yourselves (this means you, monkeyskratch5821!). This week started out bad (food poisoning) and hasn’t gotten better yet, but I wanted to give you something other than reruns or nothing (especially after the stinkeroo that the last strip apparently was), so here’s a little strip I came up with for a recent contest. was accepting entries for the Next Comic Superstar (American Idol-esque) contest a month ago and I found out too late to make an entry, but I tried a few. I posted a sketchbook page back in July of some characters (here) I was working on if “pd” didn’t work out, and here’s a little taste of “Goobs”. I wouldn’t mind thinning out some of the lines and adding some more background details when there’s no dialog, but overall I’m pretty happy with it. I’m using brush pens instead of the pigment fine-liners I use on “pd”. The boy is Siggy (short for Sigmond) and the girl is Fred. She tells people it’s short for Frederique, but her parents were sure she’d be a boy. Siggy is new to the backwater town and Fred’s his over-anxious next-door neighbor. The other strip I finished for the contest will run Friday and then it’s Spence and Marisol on Wednesday!


  1. Worth

    Too bad you didn’t enter. What you’re showing us here looks great! I would love to see more.

  2. Teresa

    A girl that knows how to use a straw to spit things…LOVE IT :D

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Irma

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

    I missed that contest too :( I only just found out about it this past weekend.

  4. me!

    @Worth – I read your post that you entered – first I’m glad I’m not up against you and second I’ll be voting for you. Good luck.

    @T – I tried 6 times to reply about girls spitting and it all turned…dirty. Can’t do it.

    @Irms – Sadly I found out about it just before it started, but it took me too long to look into it and when I finally did I only had a week to do the 12 comics. Besides, you’re practically a superstar already.