Goobs 2
October 2nd, 2009

Goobs 2

Here’s the only other strip I finished for the contest (2 out of 12! Way to finish!) I’m not happy with the silhuoette panel but it got the point across. I picture¬†the rope swing¬†being a recurring setting for Siggy’s mental exposition, but who knows.

Have a good weekend! Spence is back on Wednesday!


  1. wit

    Digging the new idea. I like the black and white strips too. Being the silhouette whore that i am, i kinda like what you did in panel two. I’d love to see more of this. It’s fun.

    Word of advice coming from someone who worked in the “small boy” genre…find something that will set this apart from Calvin. No matter how hard you try, a-holes will immediately compare it. Gee, i sound sour on the subject. lol

  2. me!

    @Wit – Thanks for the advice. Since Watterson, it’s impossible to have a boy and sidekick and NOT be compared to Calvin, just like Larson ruined it for single panelers with the Far Side. If I had to explain “Goobs” to a new reader, I’d say it’s “Bloom County” meets “Calvin & Hobbes”, a double curse, but true to my inspiration. It’s a small town ensemble cast centered around a little boy and his friends, with the boy being the “straight man”. I’ve even considered making Siggy dark haired just to visually set him apart. He’s also not smart-alecky or knows as many big words as Calvin. None of it really matters until or if “prematurely disappointed” tanks, but it’s nice to have a plan B. This isn’t really the forum for the discussion, but I’d like to someday talk with you about your decision when you buried 44UA and started Pinkerton.
    And, no, you don’t sound sour at all…

  3. Teresa

    So…i notice these are not by “me!” but by “Engel”. Did you do that on purpose or something that you didnt even think twice about? Just curious. Your little word bubbles have me hungry for popcorn now :) I think you did a good job on the silhouette too. Im not scared off yet…keep at it man! :)