1-14 Sketchbook on toonsbyme.com

Part of my overhaul was on an internal level, that of making priorities of my comic(s) and getting them out to the public.  To that end I resolved to include some content every day (at least weekday), even if it’s just what I’m thinking about (boobs), what I won (or lost) on Ebay (a Griffey Jr. game used bat card), or what crappy tv I watched last night (Mercy, Better Off Ted, ECW and reruns of John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show on Comedy Central). Plus I resolved to draw something–anything–every day as well, since most of my waiting-in-the-weeds projects are art related and it will keep me in constant contact with the drawing desk and not the computer, one main thing pulling me from “pd”. So since I started posting new strips yesterday, I gotta get something up today. But my computer got sick last night so I was fixing that instead of drawing. So I’ll show you what I did over my little break. As it’s not “pd” related, I’ve posted it over on my other site where I collect all my other miscellaneous doodles, as I will do in the future. Check it out - if you dare!