3/8 – Update

I’ve been working on some scripts. I┬áplanned on getting a strip done this weekend but forgot in my planning that it was my wife’s birthday. Haven’t gotten to do any research into this Twitter thing the kids are all raving about. I’m trying to fix the site for the non-widescreen monitors, so I narrowed the header since I think that’s where my problems started. I’m hoping for a new strip Wednesday so keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. jim tierney

    What’s wrong with your site?

    One thing to consider if you’re going to do any site modification – you might want to switch to the newest version of both wordpress and comicpress before taking any time to mess with your layout (it’s usually a good idea to keep up on these things for security reasons). Also, if you install comicpress companion, you can edit your css with that instead of editing the comicpress css file, which makes upgrading to newer versions much easier.