4/20 – Something Different
April 20th, 2010

4/20 – Something Different

With all my spare time at work (we’re about seconds away from foreclosure and when you don’t have money to pay bills, being the bookkeeper can get a little dull), I’ve taken to doodling a lot and playing with designing new characters for all sorts of stuff. Apparently I can’t come up with a design for the vet office receptionist, but I do come up with plenty of other things. I’ve been considering a strip with animals as characters and I’ve always been intrigued by the platypus. So I started designing what you see above and coming up with an entire background story where these animals lose their home away from home and end up living in the woods “out back” as they say around Wisconsin and such, which I thought was perfect with outback and the platypus being Australian. I haven’t got a whole lot else (prematurely disappointed is still my main effort), but I’m working on a couple of other Australian cohorts for Hodgepodge and maybe some animals indiginous to the woods. I decided to hame him Hodgepodge because one site I researched says platypus is a hodgepodge of other animal traits, beaver tail, otter body and claws, and duck bill. I kinda like the “O” being a life preserver since they’re definitely in need of rescue. Anywho, just another of my many putzy things I thought I’d let you peek at while the next “p.d.” strip isn’t quite ready.


  1. Orcbuddy

    “Out Back” sounds like a great strip and Hodgepodge looks perfect. I’m a fan, already! The concept is quite interesting and should progress well as there are lots of good prospective characters amongst the animals indigenous to Australia. If you happen to have animals from other parts of the globe, though, I think Meerkats would be a funny addition. Situations involving the interaction of a group within the group could provide all manner of comic fodder. I look forward to more on this project.

  2. Christie "Evil Monkey Lover" Poole

    I met an Aussie while on a trip to San Diego, and we got to talkin’. They have a joke they tell non-Aussie’s about “watchin’ out for the drop bears” when in the outback – these bears supposedly drop out of the trees & attack you. Kinda like Wisconsinites tell people we go cow tippin’ I guess. Just a little fodder for you! (PS. There better be a penguin in Out Back – that’s all I’m saying!)

  3. me!

    @OB – I also like meerkat, if for no other reason than I like to say meerkat. It’s even kinda fun to type. But just like Hobbes ruined comic tigers for everyone, Timon kinda corraled the market on meerkats. Market on meerkats, market on meerkats, say that 5 times fast. I may introduce other regions of animals on a part-time basis, but with the working title, the main group will be Australian wildlife. On that note…

    @EML – I researched penguins in Australia and there is one. It’s a small breed lovingly known as a fairy penguin. You KNOW I’m gonna have some fun with that! (even though Opus ruined it for other cartoon penguins)

  4. Orcbuddy

    A Fairy Penguin! It’s like a gift from the comic Gods!

    And, sadly enough, you’re probably right about the Timon thing. Curse you, unknown Disney writer!