4/30 – Computer problem update

Well, I got the beast back and it’s working pretty well. When the guy said it would work as good as the day I bought it, I didn’t realize that’s because it wouldn’t have any of my programs installed. Or hardware. Or some chipsets, whatever the hell those are. So I’ve been installing all sorts of crap, just to have it almost as good as the day it crashed. Needless to say, no new comic AGAIN. But come Monday, hoo-boy, there…might be…something….new? No, definitely something new. Even though the wife’s got the whole weekend planned with chores and other such rubbish. We’ll see.

Anyone got a 3G or Smartphone? I’m looking to upgrade but can’t decide. They all seem to have a lot of faults. I did putz around with various phones and looked at this website. It’s so little and cute! (That’s what she said! (sorry, just watched “The Office”)) *that’s right, double parentheses, bitches!* I left it on every phone in the place (that they’d let me touch).

Victoria’s Secrets commercial for “The Nakeds” may be the best commercial ever. Talk amongst yourselves.