5/12 – What’s goin’ on?

So, so much actually. Somehow I became completely laid-off (not just the 60% laid off that I’ve been for the past year) and more busy. So sorry for the delayed weekly update (y’all forgot I said twice a week a month or so back, right?) but it’s been a weird couple of weeks. I’m actually more interested in upcoming strips than I’ve been in a while, just unable to consistently make the time. But Friday will have a new strip.

Otherwise, I’ve been working on more character designs for my other strip ideas, trying to nail down the script for the ZUDA Comics submission I’ve been talking about for a year, and running all over for my son’s afterschool activities. Don’t know what I’m going to do when the other kid starts getting into things. Plus I’m seeing guidance counselors at 2 local schools about returning to school, going through a job search,¬†and getting more deeply involved at my church.

Anyone seen my Spygal pinups at Superfogeys? They’re on a prior post below or check out Brock’s site with the link on the side. See you Friday!


  1. Christie "Evil Monkey Lover" Poole

    I’m disappointed – I definately thought there would be a comment from you about the new Victoria’s Secret push-ups commercials. I think they’re way better than the Nakeds ones. :)

  2. me!

    Yeah, but you’re a girl. Combine scantily clad babes with the word “naked”? Trumps any push-up bra, no matter HOW many cup sizes it increases…within reason. Not that I want them taken off the air or anything.