5/26 – a little break
May 26th, 2010

5/26 – a little break

I’m taking a little break for a good reason (this time). See those guys above? They’re characters I’ve come up with for other comic strips I want to develop depending on how PD works out. Some of them you’ve seen, others not (that’s kind of how it goes). There’s a contest being put on by the Washington Post to discover the next comic star, kind of an American Idol for comic strips. I don’t believe I can enter PD based on how long it’s been in cyberspace, so I went to the vault to see what else I can flesh out in a short amount of time. So there’s a narrow window to get an entry in (luckily only 6 b&w strips need to be done) and I can only enter once. So tomorrow I will be posting a short write-up of the possible strips (like the ”Out Back” one I did a few weeks ago) and leave it up to you (unless I trump the final vote).  So come back and read about the choices and help me decide which one has the best possible national appeal. Then I’ll use next week to draw them up and return to PD the following week. Good thing I sorta ended the cat fart storyline.

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  1. Orcbuddy

    Sounds like fun! I’m looking forward to it!

    He, he…..you said “cat fart”!