5/27 – Contest
May 27th, 2010

5/27 – Contest

Well, I thought I’d have time to draw up better character design images but time didn’t allow it and I didn’t want to wait on this. Here’s the lowdown on the 4 strip ideas I’d like your vote on to enter in the Washington Post Next Comic Superstar contest.

A: Downsized – This is Jacob Downs (I think). He’s a big city guy who until recently had a big city job and lived in the big city (there’s a theme here). He’s got a hot wife who came from the sticks and 2 young sons. Then he got downsized and was forced to take a similar job in a little podunk town. From that point on the big city guy has to deal with adjusting to small-town living (which his wife has no problem with). Minor league baseball, watermelon seed spitting contests, and a fixer-upper home are enough to make Jake miss the life he left behind. I’m thinking of making the title a play-on-words with his name, maybe “Downs-ized”?

B. ‘Goobs – I showed a few strips here a while back from a previous entry I didn’t finish. It’s basically about a little boy (Siggy, pictured) who goes to live with his grandparents in a town where he’s the only normal person there. He’s got an overly friendly neighbor girl (Fred) and a special friend that’s not from anywhere you’ve ever been.

C. Out Back – Previewed this one a couple weeks back right here. A small midwestern zoo goes belly-up, leaving a lot of displaced exotic animals. The Australian wing burrows out and relocates to the woods out back. Follow the adventures of Bubba (wombat), Emo (emu), Topper (wallaby), Hodgepodge (platypus), Uke (koala) and a stray cat named Mort as they attempt to survive in the strange land…out back. There’s also rumor of a special penguin roaming the woods.

D. Henchmans – You read that right, it’s not henchmen, but that’s who it’s about. When mad scientists go corporate, their lackeys come along for the ride. Watercooler convo with a werewolf? Testing the healing effects of eye of newt? Filling out a TPS report for each time you “pull the lever”? All in a day’s work at Henchmans.

There you have it. I’d like your vote on which strip idea has the most national appeal and the best possibility for long-term laughs. Let your voice be known either by commenting here or emailing me at prematurely.disappointed@yahoo.com. I have to finish 6 black and white strips for the contest by June 4th. One of the judging categories is story line, so I’m thinking 3 stand-alones and 3 that form a story. Let me know what you think and I’ll be keeping you posted as I can (don’t know what I can publish on the site until after the contest ends or I’m voted out). Thanks for reading!


  1. Brian Martin

    I think B has the best potential. There could be a lot of great story lines and character developement here…good job…looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Good luck

  2. Kala


  3. Christie "Evil Monkey Lover" Poole

    C or D. Personally, love C (penguins, hello!?), but think D has great Dilbert meets Mosters Inc. potential. Do your best, we’ll be waiting.

  4. Stonefoot

    A has a lot of potential, what with a lot of people out here who are living lives that are suddenly different from what they expected. (Not just rural vs. urban, but different jobs, income, lifestyle in general….)

    Buuuuuuuut… I have to go with B because, well, a girl named Fred. ;-)

  5. Orcbuddy

    I personally like “B” but I think “A” might appeal to a larger demographic cross-section amongst the newspaper readers. I’m quite confident either would be great but a large fan base will be needed for the comic to come out on top in the voting.

    I’d have his last name be Downs and call it Downsized but I wouldn’t hyphenate the title. That’s almost putting too fine a point on it! I believe a play on words should be subtle.

  6. me!

    Thanks for everyone for voting. With the emailed votes it looks like “Out Back” got the nod, so now I have to burrow myself away for a few days and polish off 6 strips, so I’ll see you next week!