6/4 – New Vote
June 4th, 2010

6/4 – New Vote

Well, I tried but I’m not going to make the contest deadline. I had the six strips written and 1.5 finished but there’s no way I’ll finish all six by 5pm today. Oh well, maybe next time.

Who wants to see these strips developed anyway? What if I gave Cass and Spence the summer off and gave y’all a taste of these strips, kinda like a fall TV teaser preview? Or maybe one PD a week and one “other” strip a week? I’ll let you guys vote (ooh! 2 votes in 2 weeks – it’s comic democracy at it’s finest!).

a. Keep PD going like nothing ever happened.

b. Give Cass the summer off and give me a taste of the new projects.

c. Give Cass the summer off and work on just my favorite new project: _________________

d. Give Cass the summer off but work Spence and Angi like dogs.

e. PD once a week and something else once a week.

f. ____________________

Let me know and I might actually do it!


  1. Teresa

    I vote B: Give Cass the summer off and give me a taste of the new projects.

  2. Irma

    Yes! I agree! I choose B!

  3. Nik

    E. I want a little of both – PD and some new to see your other ideas.

  4. Stonefoot

    My first choice would be E, but when I note that three of your options involve giving Cass the summer off I’d guess that you don’t have much motivation for PD right now. So B would be next best, and if we get more strips that way, all the better.

    So… my final answer is [game show music for twice as long as appropriate, like they always do] F. Which is: Do whichever strip you feel like at the moment. One of the new ones or PD (Cass, Angie, Spence, whoever). I can’t really judge the new ones until I seen more of them, so show us what you can do with them. Surprise us. Expecting a strip about a platypus and finding Marisol is not a bad thing….

  5. Yo Sista

    B. Definitely B.

  6. me!

    Thanks for voting folks! Wow, getting the idea most people want time off from PD. Could be a bad sign for Cass’ longevity. Even though Stonefoot noted 3 possibilities involved time off from PD, one is really a joke and the other 2 are really one option with 2 outcomes. But he’s right, I have felt a little unmotivated right now on PD and a break could be nice while still trying to produce comics. Unless a more votes come in changing the outcome, looks like I’ll be finishing up my too-late submission of “Out Back”. Stay tooned!

  7. Orcbuddy

    I have a fondness for PD so my initial response was to vote “e”. If, however, giving Cass the summer off would help you back-up, re-group and come back invigorated to resume PD afresh then I’ll vote “b”.