6/22 – Meet Dexter
June 22nd, 2010

6/22 – Meet Dexter

In a previous post I identified the characters of Out Back to include a wombat named Bubba. That was just a last minute throw-in name that I didn’t give much thought to and was never happy with. So since then I gave it some thought and the wombat is to be the smart/nerdy one of the group so I brainstormed (more of a drizzle) for nerdy names or a play on a word for nerd and came up with “poindexter”. So now the wombat is named Dexter and he is pictured above. I haven’t decided how smart he actually is, but he’s the brains of this circus troupe.

In other news, there’s some real problems in my life right now. I say “real” because in relation to what’s going on now, all my prior problems are teeny. My father was diagnosed with cancer in the past year and yesterday had enough difficulties after a surgery to be rushed to ICU and forced an inquiry into a resusitation request. And in the last week I realized my marriage was on the rocks, mostly because I haven’t found a job. I keep checking lost and found boxes wherever I go, but no jobs. But, with all that, I’m not planning any hiatus or break cuz I’ve done that plenty when things weren’t so bad and I may need this more than ever to keep my sanity. So, look for another update soon and, if you’re of the praying type, think of me when you’re talking to the Big Man (or Woman).


  1. Tanya

    Good luck with everything, I was very sorry to hear about your father.

  2. Orcbuddy

    We’ll definitely keep you in our thoughts and prayers!