6/29 – the Final 2
June 29th, 2010

6/29 – the Final 2

I’m working on an Out Back header with all the characters that I thought I’d finish tonight but not quite yet. In the meantime, here are sketches of the final 2 main characters from Out Back, Topper the wallaby¬†and Mort the alley cat. I’ve been thinking that Topper will be wearing a helmet of some sort, bicycle probably, on account of his always jumping and most likely hitting his head on stuff. He’s the worrier of the group and probably the most insecure in his own fur. Mort will play a big role in the second majoy story, the first story being the escape from the foreclosed zoo. He’s no genius, but he’s not a dim as Hodgepodge. He comes from a cat gang that will pop up from time to time. So look for the header in the next day or so and (hopefully) the first comic this week or Monday.

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  1. Stonefoot

    Bicycle helmet? Looks like he’ll have to cut ear slots in it or something. The result could easily be either really cute, seriously weird, or both. I’m getting to like this more and more, and I haven’t even seen the first strip. So…. ?