7/12 – W.G.O.

That’s short for “What’s Going On”, an often-used title for my non-comic updates. As for what’s actually going on, it was a rough weekend for my father. A few weeks ago we were told he had 6-12 months to live with kidney cancer. Then he got pretty healthy around July 4th and was a week’s worth of physical therapy away from going home. But then for the last few days he took a down turn and after going back to the hospital and they shortened his time left to weeks instead of months, basically he could go at any time. So that sucks harder than…let’s just say it sucks hard. I had a job interview today and got the job so that starts tomorrow (it’s temp-to-hire which explains the quick turnaround). Hopefully some semblance of a normal “adult” life will help me re-center myself and be able to produce more comics, even though I’ll have less free hours in the day. So sorry for the lack of progress but life’s getting in the way a little bit. I’m really having fun playing with “Out Back” and it’s making me miss PD a lot which I needed. So the drive is back, just not the time right now. But as I said before, no planned hiatus. I’ll just get to the comics when I can and once again thank y’all for sticking around.