7/26 W.G.O.

Spent all weekend going home to visit my father in hospice. By the time I left Sunday night he looked like he could pass at any moment. The nurses warned us he wouldn’t last the weekend but as of 1am Monday he’s still holding on. It’s stupid to say it’s been rough, but there really aren’t words to describe what you go through. My dad is the first person close to me to be dying and no matter what friends, TV or movies prepare you for, there’s nothing easy about it. I’ve told him and myself that it’s okay if he goes and that I’m not going to say “good-bye” but “see you later”, but as soon as I drove off I wanted to turn around and run in the room screaming a mixture of love you/miss you/good bye, all the things I don’t feel have to be said at this time (and I’m not sure he’d hear).

Otherwise, my new job it going okay. Having other people to interact with (which I really haven’t had much of in the last two years) has really jump-started my being a smart-ass and, therefore, my gag writing, but the rest of my life is still getting in the way. Even my son’s baseball schedule, which thankfully was finished last week, got extended another week because of the final night rain-out. If so many lifestyle comics weren’t already running on life getting in the way, that would be a good idea for a comic. So just to keep y’all in the loop, I’m really itching to start running “pd” and “Out Back” concurrently, each once a week. I remember back to the vote where the reigning opinion was to see a glimpse of all the various comic strip ideas I was putzing with for a contest, but I’ve really dug deep into “Out Back” and I believe I’m just going to go at it (and PD) for now. I’ll continue to shelve ideas for the others for when another contest arises.

So y’all take care of yourselves and I’ll be reporting again soon. God bless.