Guest Strips

Some of the most fun I’ve had being a webcomic-er is the ability to provide guest strips to some of my favorite creators. The first guest strip I ever did was also the first guest strip ever for the comic “Imy” by my friend Irma in Sweden. She was the first creator to list “prematurely disappointed” as a favorite of hers so she’s always held a special place in my heart. When she asked a list of creators to help her out, I jumped at the chance. Fortunately it was around Halloween so I was free to go wild with sugar fever: full size

Imy Halloween guest strip by me!

The second guest strip I concocted was for the webcomic The Superfogeys by Brock H. He put out a call for guest strips to cover some time off that he needed. I had been reading SF almost from the beginning and wanted to contribute. Can’t say I really know where the idea came from, other than a sketch I found that I did long ago when I considered doing a Stooper Heroes comic. The character was “Flat-U-Lord” and what goes better with natural gas than a match? full size 

Superfogeys guest strip by me!