Out Back
Wednesday — March 16th, 2011

Out Back

Howdy! I know, it’s been a long time and this isn’t even Cass and the gang, but I felt so good finishing a comic after all this time that I had to post it before getting going on new PD strips. I’m not totally happy with the ending (as many of my regular readers know, that’s a constant issue of mine), and I tried to shade it in greys but it didn’t look right. But I finished a comic! See you again soon (I hope)!


4/5 Update

Wore myself out with all the singing for Good Friday and Easter Morning church services, so no comic this Monday. I’m attempting to take a vacation day tomorrow so hopefully tonight I can get the next strip finished. Cass finally gets to talk with the vet!

3/28 – Tax Day is Coming!

I’ve been itching to get the new strip up since last week but can’t set aside the time and I worked on taxes this weekend when I really wanted to do the strip. Worst part is upon rough inspection, we’ll be getting a lot less back than expected, and I really need a shed (my garage is quite scary and we haven’t had a car parked inside in over 3 years). So it looks like Wednesday for the next installment. See you then!

3/19 – I’m Only One Man

I know you’re tired of excuses, but I couldn’t just not post this week. I had every intention of getting the next strip done for Thursday, but I’ve been putting a lot of time into a project for church and listing a bunch of stuff on ebay to a) clean out the house and b) make up for some of this unemployed time. But I do have the next 4 strips scripted and I PROMISE at least 2 new strips next week. Hold me to it if you dare! Have a good weekend!

3/17 Update

Well, I was really hoping to have a Wednesday comic up this week (and I’m not totally ruling it out, just won’t be here first thing in the AM), but ebay was running a 1-day seller fee sale so I ended up listing some collectible toys most of the night instead. But a new one is in the works and will be here soon!

“Lost” was pretty good last night. Hard to believe they’ll be able to wrap up so many loose ends in only 8 more episodes. Anyone watch “Castle”? It’s one of my new favorites. They ran a rerun Monday with Alyssa Milano – I had a crush on her since we were both 13 and she still gets my blood heated up. Not to mention…nevermind. Maybe I shouldn’t post after a Captains & Coke.

3/11 Update

Finally got my den mostly de-cluttered and a good start on the next strip. It will be up sometime today. Off to bed!

3/8 – Update

I’ve been working on some scripts. I planned on getting a strip done this weekend but forgot in my planning that it was my wife’s birthday. Haven’t gotten to do any research into this Twitter thing the kids are all raving about. I’m trying to fix the site for the non-widescreen monitors, so I narrowed the header since I think that’s where my problems started. I’m hoping for a new strip Wednesday so keep your fingers crossed!

3/5 – Confession

Sorry, no new comic as pseudo-promised. I’ve been working on a joke for a week and just can’t make it work  and I’m just not going to force any more stinker strips. I just haven’t been putting the time in on PD since I came back and it’s been a little stifling on a creative level. Instead of working ahead and having a direction, I often find myself trying to come up with a gag 3 hours before a post and I won’t do it anymore. I owe you guys who’ve stuck with me way better than that. I need to refocus and make this my #1 priority if I’m going to get anywhere so that’s my weekend plan: unclutter my space, get some scripts written and lock myself in to a 3-a-week posting schedule. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. Feel free to nag if I miss a post (hint hint, Teresa). I’ve let too many things distract me. Plus I have to make a serious push at promotion (thanks, Irms), like learning Twitter, getting more familiar with my website and playing with Facebook. Spring is almost here and I’m gonna be ready. So, once again, thank you guys so much for sticking with me and reading another whiney artist post. Here’s to the end of all that stuff and on with the funnies!

3/3 – London, Ontario, Canada!

Welcome to the new reader from London! Said reader went through the entire archives on Sunday from a link on the webcomic “Imy”. Drop me a note and I’ll send you a signed print!

I was chaperoning a field trip yesterday so I have to work today which is why there’s no comic. But a new one should appear tomorrow! Now if I can only get people to read it…

2/23 – Underweather

Been a bit under the weather over the past week. I’m really trying to get on a decent pace but there seems to be more and more things standing in my way. Should I take that as a sign? Nah! Screw the universe – I’m making my own way!

Anyone check out the SI swimsuit issue yet? Can’t get enough of that Bar Rafaeli, weird name and all. I’d say I’m secretly in love but that would insinuate a secret. She was so sweet on Letterman last year when she got the cover shot. And them ugly futball players have hot wives! Green M&M went a little far on the inside back cover, imho.

2/14 – Slight Delay

Sometimes the fates are working against us. And always against me. As I sat down Sunday evening to complete the next strip, my son started having shallow rapid breathing following a bout of stomach flu. Happy Valentines Day! So we were on worried parental watch for a few hours until we contacted a nurse who suggested we go to the emergency room. Long story short, after becoming a pincushion in order to discover he had pneumonia, they decided he needed to be admitted at least overnight and possibly a couple nights. So I was back and forth to the hospital for about a 4 hour period, finally settling back in at the computer at 12:49am. Anyway, he’s doing well and the strip will still be posted today, just not quite yet. Thanks for your patience, or, if you lack patience, thanks for trying.