Out Back
Wednesday — March 16th, 2011

Out Back

Howdy! I know, it’s been a long time and this isn’t even Cass and the gang, but I felt so good finishing a comic after all this time that I had to post it before getting going on new PD strips. I’m not totally happy with the ending (as many of my regular readers know, that’s a constant issue of mine), and I tried to shade it in greys but it didn’t look right. But I finished a comic! See you again soon (I hope)!


2/11 – Update

Well, I might have fixed my computer, but I haven’t had the time to finish the next strip. So it’s been a pretty useless week here at “prematurely disappointed”, but the good news is that there will be a Monday strip next week! Can’t remember when I last had a new strip on a Monday. C’mon back!

2/10 – Something’s wrong

Well, the daily content idea isn’t working so well. Turns out, my life is pretty boring minus the comic (not that the comic is that spantankeringly great or anything). Nothing really much happens so why bother? I did have a doctor visit the other day, but the funny part inspired a future comic, so I can’t share it!

However, my computer is now officially, once again, on the fritz. Seems something is continuously generating BUP files (apparently backup files), and it’s taking all my computing ability away and slowing everything down to a dead snail’s crawl. But I can’t figure out which program is doing it, so I can’t stop it. I’ve deleted over 32,000 56K files since this morning, and they just keep showing up. Hopefully I’ll get it fixed soon so I can finish the current strip (which the artwork is done on, but the words and coloring are all computerized and not happening). Anyone ever heard of this problem? I googled “generating BUP files” but everything comes back as a normal computer activity. This is not normal.

2/2 – Phil got phrightened!

Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow today, folks. Six more long weeks of winter. Not much going on with me. I expected to get a strip done tonight but work asked me to come in an additional day so probably no late night. We’ll see. Working on getting a more regular schedule and get back to Wednesday and Friday updates, just not there yet. Haven’t even gotten to my sketchbook in a week so there’s no update on that yet either. As I often say to my boys, “Bummer, dude.”

Thanks, PULLMAN, WA!

Thanks to this reader who stopped by on Wednesday and read pretty much everything. I can only assume you found something you liked (or were trying really hard to find one laugh amongst the entire archive!). Drop me a note at prematurely.disappointed@yahoo.com with a favorite strip and I’ll send you a signed copy!

And for those of you still awaiting said signed copies, I’m getting to them, but you may want to drop me a reminder at the above address with your favorite strip and address, just in case!

1/26 – ho-hum

That’s a sound a bored hooker makes (cue the “Ba-Dum-Bum Beaver”!). Only announcement for today is that there’ll be a new strip tomorrow and that I won an illustrated copy of “The Hobbit” on ebay. I remember checking it out of the library over and over when I was a kid. My son Nathan recently showed some interest in the Lord of the Rings films so I thought I’d get a copy. See you tomorrow!

1/25 – there’s a monkey in my sketchbook

Before you ask, no, I don’t know why. For some reason I felt the need to draw a monkey the other night. He even looks a little confused by it.  Nothing else came to me as I was doodling, though I tried. I kinda liked the last one. So here it is:monkeysketch

Have a good Monday.

1/22 – nothing new

Still working on how the new site is appearing. It looks really nice on my monitor, but I’m getting more and more reports that it doesn’t look so good on others. My theory is that it looks good on widescreen monitors. Let me know what you see.

Working on the next strip but not in the right mood tonight with my sanctum sanctorum all torn apart. Trying to get some sales on ebay of some junk and collectibles I’ve accumulated over way too much time and it’s taken over my personal space.

TV: anyone seen Archer on SyFy? It’s definitely for the “Home Movies” and “Aqua Teen Hungerforce” crowd, which is right up my alley. Didn’t catch the new “Office” or “30 Rock”, but they’re on the DVR waiting for me. Maybe I’ll go watch them and take a sketchbook and see what happens. Have a good weekend!

1/19 – SKETCHBOOK: Spence in the Spotlight


Quite literally. Spencer as a double-O spy? You never know with the overgrown boy of mystery.

1/18 – Cleaning weekend

So I already messed up my “daily content” plans, but it’s been a heck of a few days. Thanks to everyone again for stopping by on my return to comics. As soon as it was up I was working on my son’s pinewood derby car for the cub scouts. I had a nice little car trimmed out and painted, and 2 hours before the race I drilled some holes to add weights and it split. We had no car and only a little over an hour to racetime. Luckily I had an extra kit and whipped together a different design and he painted it (it was still a little tacky at the weigh-in) and we came in dead last, but we did have a car. Just a little stress to start out my Saturday. So that was my whole Thursday night to Saturday free-time. Yesterday I spent all evening finally packing away the Christmas decorations that I started taking down the week before. It was fun putting them out. Take-down is a let-down. So I haven’t hit the art desk since finishing up Wednesday’s comic. But the wife goes to work tonight so I should have some time to myself. We’ll see what I post tomorrow. The sneak peek at Toy Story 3 looks AWESOME! Anyone raving that I have to see Avatar? I know half the world has, but even being a sci-fi geek it’s never really looked like something I had to see. Am I wrong?

1-14 Sketchbook on toonsbyme.com

Part of my overhaul was on an internal level, that of making priorities of my comic(s) and getting them out to the public.  To that end I resolved to include some content every day (at least weekday), even if it’s just what I’m thinking about (boobs), what I won (or lost) on Ebay (a Griffey Jr. game used bat card), or what crappy tv I watched last night (Mercy, Better Off Ted, ECW and reruns of John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show on Comedy Central). Plus I resolved to draw something–anything–every day as well, since most of my waiting-in-the-weeds projects are art related and it will keep me in constant contact with the drawing desk and not the computer, one main thing pulling me from “pd”. So since I started posting new strips yesterday, I gotta get something up today. But my computer got sick last night so I was fixing that instead of drawing. So I’ll show you what I did over my little break. As it’s not “pd” related, I’ve posted it over on my other site where I collect all my other miscellaneous doodles, as I will do in the future. Check it out - if you dare!